Learn German and find friends in Berlin with the help of “Kapitel Zwei, German language school” centrally located between Heinrich-Heine-Straße (U8) and Märkisches Museum (U2)

Kapitel Zwei Berlin Tandem

Tandem partner in Berlin

Do you want to learn German in Berlin with a native speaker, get to know the city and make new friends?

Are you interested in sharing your cultural background?

Imagine the Tandem program like a normal bike. It runs on two wheels and works both ways. While you represent the first wheel, you can find the second wheel via the links for exchange markets listed below. There you can find German speakers for your linguistic and cultural exchange. Learn German and make him / her familiar with your language. Together, you will achieve a better result. It will help you make friends in Berlin, learn to speak German more fluently and put theory into practice. At the same time you can tell him / her about you, your country and national specialities, share common interests and discover Berlin together with your tandem partner.

For more questions about your German Course and the tandem project: berlin(at)kapitel-zwei.de