Nineties Berlin

Nineties Berlin – a journey through time into the 90s in Berlin

With your language school in Berlin

On Wednesday, September 25th, Kapitel Zwei will visit the multimedia exhibition Nineties-Berlin in the Alte Münze at the Molkenmarkt in Mitte with you after your German course.

We will travel back in time to the 90s. Wow, very interesting! What happens right after the fall of the wall? The exhibition shows the wild and diverse Berlin of the 90s after reunification. The city experiences a lot of freedom, but at the same time there are all kinds of problems.
Capitalism and the economic situation at that time led to the emergence of different subcultures. Many buildings are occupied. In this anarchic atmosphere, club culture began to play an important role, especially that of techno music. DJ Dr. Motte has created the Loveparade in these years. The artistic side of the city blossoms. The abandoned industrial halls are suddenly transformed into clubs and art galleries.

We can even download an app to get more information about these years. So, it will be an unusual journey through time. Be there! Kapitel Zwei is looking forward to you! Learning German in Berlin active and different!

Registration — Costs — Meeting Point


Please register at the office of your German language school in Berlin by 1 p.m. on Friday, 20 September. The minimum number of participants is 5.


Summer price 9,80€/person (incl. 22% discount)
For a group of 10 persons summer price 6,50€/person (incl. 18% discount).

Meeting point:

We meet on Wednesday 25th of September at 15:15 in the foyer of your German language school in Berlin. Then we walk together to Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin.

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