Time Ride — dive into the world of the 80s in Berlin

Travel through time with your German language school

On Thursday, March 26, Kapitel Zwei would like to visit the Time Ride in Berlin Mitte with you, before or after your German course.

What is that? Time Ride is a guided exhibition that takes you on a journey through time using virtual reality technology! This time we want to visit Berlin in the mid 80s! The tour lasts about an hour and there are three different stops: at the first one, we will examine the Berlin Wall.

How different was life in East and West Berlin? At the second stop, some contemporary witnesses will tell stories from their lives during these years. At the third and final stop, we will take the bus … Whaaat? Yes! A virtual reality ride on the 80s style bus!

So? Is this your kind of trip? Join Kapitel Zwei and experience the history of this city in a very special way!

Kapitel Zwei is looking forward to have you on board!

Registration — Costs — Meeting Point


Please register in the office of your German language school by Tuesday, 24th March.

The minimum number of participants is 5.


12,50€ per person. Please pay the full amount at time of registration.

Meeting point:

We’ll meet on Thursday 26th March in the lobby of your German language school. From there we will go together to the TimeRide Berlin, Zimmerstraße 91, 10117 Berlin.

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